Ceramic Tape

Continuous Temp  1,800°F (982°C)
Melt Temp  2,300°F (1,260°C)
      • Low thermal conductivity
      • Will not burn or smolder
      • Resistant to thermal shock
      • Resistant to vibration and stress
      • High tensile strength with Inconel insert
      • High dielectric strength with glass
      • Resistant to corrosive attack
      • Excellent flexibility up to 2,300°F
Al2O3 + SiO2    97% min
Fe2O3    1.1% Max
Al2O3    46 - 48%
H2O    1% Max
      • Gasket and wrapping material
      • Induction heating furnace coil insulation
      • Cable and wire insulation (electrical and thermal)
      • Infrared radiating diffusers
      • Tadpole gasket core and jacket
      • Fuel line insulation
      • Flange covers
      • Pipe hanger insulation
      • Furnace curtains
      • Expansion joint material and packing
      • Coke oven door seals
Applicable Standards: U.S.C.G. subpart 164.009