3M NEXTEL™ 440 Thread, BT-30, by the pound (2 x 8 oz spools, 1LB minimum)

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3M Nextel™ Ceramic Sewing Threads 312 and 440

3M Nextel™ Ceramic Sewing Threads 312 and 440 are high-temperature machine sewable threads made from a combination of 3M Nextel Ceramic Fibers and rayon.

3M Nextel™ ceramic sewing threads 312 and 440 are ideal for sewing 3M Nextel™ textiles and other high-temperature fabrics. 3M Nextel™ 312 sewing threads resistance up to 2192°F (1200°C), and 3M Nextel™ 440 threads are resistant up to 2372°F (1300°C).1

To impart resiliency, abrasion resistance and improve sewability,  3M Nextel ceramic sewing threads 320 and 440 are wrapped with rayon ber2 and have an organic coating.

3M Sewing Threads

3M Sewing Threads are manufactured from high-temperature continuous glass ber. 3M sewing threads are ideal for industrial applications and are resistant up to 1400°F (760°C).3 To improve sewability, 3M sewing threads are coated with polytetra uoroethylene (PTFE).

1 40% ber strength retention tested at room temperature after 100 hours soak.

2 Rayon ber is selected to provide temporary protection for Nextel ber in sewing threads and to decompose or burn away below typical use temperatures.

3 Based on 70% fabric seam strength retention tested at room temperature after 48 hours soak.

εM Sewing Threads

Industrial: Filtration, Sewn parts, and shapes, seals

Features and Bene ts

• Non-oxidizing

• Good thermal resistance

• Abrasion-resistant

• For use on specialized industrial sewing machines

Important Processing Information

3M Nextel™ ceramic sewing threads 312 and 440 and 3M sewing threads are coated during manufacture with sizings or niches to serve as aids in textile processing. When these products are first heated, adequate ventilation and/ or personal protective equipment must be used according to a site-specific exposure assessment as vapors can
be emitted and may be hazardous if inhaled. See Safety Data Sheet or contact 3M Thermo Works for more information.