Fiberglass Insulation (60" Wide) - Roll / SF

Fiberglass Insulation (60" Wide) - Roll / SF

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Fiberglass Insulation Mats are comprised of an assortment of long glass fibers randomly oriented into a uniform blanket. Applications include insulation matting for high temperature insulation blankets and sound suppression. 

They are excellent for removable insulation pads, power generating equipment, industrial furnaces and piping. Resistant to most chemicals, offers good thermal protection to temperatures up to 1200 degrees F. 


General Specifications

● Low thermal conductivity
● Will not burn or smolder
● Will not stretch or shrink
● High strength-to-weight ratio
● Highly resistant to molten metals
● High dielectric strenth/low constants
● Resistant to most chemicals
● Excellent flexibility up to 2,300°F