Kevlar Braided Sleeving

Kevlar Braided Sleeving

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Kevlar Braided Sleeving


Kevlar Braided Sleeving is manufactured in one style and two wall thicknesses. It is made using para-aramid fibers spun over a strong fiberglass core yarn. These sleevings, or tubular form of textiles, are widely used over electrical leads, cables and other conductors to provide abrasion resistance as well as fire protection. There are many other uses to which these products are applied.


 General Specifications


● Low thermal conductivity
● Will not burn or smolder
● Will not stretch or shrink
● High strength-to-weight ratio
● Resistant to sparks & welding spatter
● Superior resistance to abrasion
● Resistant to most chemicals
● Excellent flexibility up to 750°F



Inner Diameter (ID)
Wall Thickness
Range: 1/64" - 7"
Range: .008" - .125"
  • Sizes are specified in terms of "inner diameter" (ID) and "wall thickness"
  • In braided sleeving, elongation or shortening (pushing) cause the ID to shrink or grow respectively
  • Wall thickness affects the insulation and flexibility properties

    Enhancement Availablility Chart
    Nextel 440 2,500F
    Nextel 312 2,200F
    Ceramic 1,800F
    Silica 1,800F
    Vermiculite Coated Fiberglass 1,400F
    Aluminized Fiberglass 1,000F
    Fiberglass 1,000F
    Kevlar 750F
    Silicone Coated Fire Sleeve 600F
    Nomex 450F
    Neoprene Coated Fiberglass 400F