TW Nextel™ 312 & 440 Braided Sleeving - By the Spool

TW Nextel™ 312 & 440 Braided Sleeving - By the Spool

$ 554.00


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Nextel™ Braided Sleeving 


The Nextel™ Braided Sleeving 312 and 440 is designed to retain strength and flexibility at continuous temperatures up to 2012° F (1100°C).

Designed especially for flexibility, this ceramic sleeving is made from continuous alumina-boria-silica fibers.

Rolls are 100 feet, 50 feet and 25 feet in length depending on size.

General Specifications

● Low thermal conductivity.
● Non-oxidizing.
● Non-hygroscopic.
● Essentially chemically resistant.
● Good abrasion resistance.
● Fire and Flame Resistance.


Inner Diameter (ID)
Wall Thickness
Range: 1/64" - 7"
Range: .008" - .125"
  • Sizes are specified in terms of "inner diameter" (ID) and "wall thickness"
  • In braided sleeving, elongation or shortening (pushing) cause the ID to shrink or grow respectively
  • Wall thickness affects the insulation and flexibility properties